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Viking Age tools for L'Anse aux Meadows NHSC

 Readers : Postings have been absent of late as I was involved in preparing, then delivering, an eight day training program for staff living history interpreters for Parks Canada's 'Viking Encampment' presentation. To accompany this, there was a large order of replicas, two sets of both blacksmithing and woodworking tools, plus four spear heads. 

The tools were ordered from a larger list of previous and potential objects, plus those requested. The primary artifact reference was the larger set of smithing and wood tools found within the Mastermyr Tool Chest (Gotland, estimated to about 1150 AD). Note the distinction between reproductions (generally within 10% of artifacts) and replicas (considered 'of a type' similar to samples).  One difference throughout (unless specifically noted) is the use of modern steels.

One of two forging hammers, reproduction of Mastermyr (final weight was just under 800 gms)

Raising hammer (again reproduction of Mastermyr) and a second similar head with more of a ball shaped head, as a riveting hammer.

Two rivet header tools, based on Mastermyr. The holes themselves a close match to the artifact sample, handles a bit longer and block a bit thinner than the original.

Two of the total of eight different tongs, only loosely based on Mastermyr. Two slightly different styles used for the jaws, as a large number of 'adjusted for stock sizes and shapes' were ordered.

In addition the following :

Leather apron with cast bronze buckle

Double chamber blacksmith's bellows

Two sledge hammers (1800 / 3200 gm)

Pair each of straight cut and round hole punches.

Hacksaws, replicas based on sample from Mastermyr. Modified modern blades for metal / antler (top), for wood (bottom).

Pair of 'flip' carving knives (based on sample from Cantebury), oak slabs. The blades on each were made intentionally to slightly differing profiles to provide for differing carving surfaces.

Two pairs of spoon bits, based on Mastermyr, with wooden breast driver (speculative). The driver was made with a removable collar held by a steel ring. With the top end of each bit as identical shape, this combination allows for changing out the individual bits (two different sizes specified).

Spoon bit mounted for bow driver, bits reproduction from Mastermyr, driver speculative. Bits sized for mounting ship rivets.

Bent neck chisels, replica based on Mastermyr. Made with two slightly different curves of the neck offset.

Group of carving chisels (total eight) Loosely based on Mastermyr samples. Both 2.5 and 1.5 cm sizes, both straight and curved blades.

Two large straight chisels, based on Mastermyr (before mounting wooden handles). Also seen above image at top (after mounting)

Pair of fine trimming adzes, replica based on Mastermyr. Slightly different curvatures to blades.

Knives, total of six : two 'male', two 'female', two carving. All different in shape details, all with antler handles. Top are 'male' / seax blades, uppermost antique wrought iron, second of mid carbon steel. Middle are 'female' / small tool blades, the first of bloomery iron, the second of high carbon steel. Bottom are two different carving shapes, both of high carbon steel.

Four spear heads, no specific prototypes. Top is longer 'fighting' style, remainder smaller 'hunting' types.


February 15 - May 15, 2012 : Supported by a Crafts Projects - Creation and Development Grant

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