Saturday, September 17, 2022

Waste Effect

1) What a mess! It is making me certain our planned expedition is certainly justified.

2) Anyone who could simply discard so much usable material surely does not deserve full use of these resources, especially in face of those who have so little.

3) Yes, Pod Leader, and this is the situation at each of the six landing sites on this planet’s moon.

4) Further, some of the most destructive practices they undertake are visible even from our surveillance platforms in orbit.

5) Observer, I have to tell you that I doubted the initial assessments of your shell, I had viewed some of the raw broadcast materials, and found them massively confusing.

6) Yes Leader, even as we approached and received more and more recent materials, both the amount and the vast inconsistencies became more and more difficult to survey.

7) It becomes clear that increasingly into the present time, the distinction between fact and fiction has become completely blurred in all the communications, extremism has become the norm now.

8) Well, as pathetic as this all is Underling, it most certainly suits our own objectives.

9) Certainly the remains we are looking at prove that this race is now a class 6 ’space capable’ one under the Covenant , and so is open to our harvesting.

10) And the humans, faces glued to their phone screens and the latest ‘Reality’ programs, totally missed the massive invasion fleet following in the wake of the single survey vessel parked on the Moon.

“ A photograph taken during Apollo 17 shows science experiments in the foreground and background with a debris pile including experiment wrappers and covers on the left. (Image credit: NASA) “


February 15 - May 15, 2012 : Supported by a Crafts Projects - Creation and Development Grant

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