Sunday, November 12, 2023

Jackson House Railings

 This project, initiated back in late May, was way too long in completion. 

Original Concept - Top Side Railing

The project included a set of seven small railing pieces, mounted on a series of natural limestone steps running down the side of the house from the front to a much lower back yard, with one longer segment set at the top level. Another short piece mounted at the front entrance single step up. The design 'Arts & Crafts', inspired by patterned glass set into the front door. For a fuller commentary on the design aspect, see : Inspiration, Art - and slogging

Front Entrance Railing - note pattern on door glass

Side Top Unit - compare to layout above

Side Railing Set - looking upwards over the stone steps

 Those who have been following my architectural work will notice the similarity in design to an earlier project, Richard's House - 2009, also in Arts & Crafts style.


This is the first architectural project I have had for some time now. Truth to be told, there was more delay involved in both starting and completing this work, partially due to fitting the build and install around other previously committed projects. A major complication was due to simple aging. First * I * most certainly do not work as quickly as a was once able, and even during this build found a serious decline in ability. (At the start in June, I was able to complete six of the long tapers in three hours, by October this was down to half that production speed in a forging session.) My equipment also showed it's age over this work. I had failures of my air hammer, industrial welder, bench grinder, and problems with two corded electric drills during the last installation.

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Remembrance (10 lines)


So, I was in Toronto last Wednesday, November 1, on the TTC from north 417 station down to Queen east near Coxwell, then later back out. 

Ok, I get it, still a week and a half from The Day, but still…

Hardly a poppy to be seen, and those almost exclusively found on older English looking males.

I kind of understand that you are originally from some part of the world far removed from Europe.

That you are young, and the conflicts since WW2 seem far away, unimportant to your self absorbed world of social media. 

‘Never Again’ means to you ‘someone else’s problem’

Is there any understanding that sometimes you do have to stand up and just say No More, with raw force if required?

So you think it is fine to break the implied Moral Contract between the soldier, who has placed their own mortal body and fragile mind, and the civilian, who sleeps comfortably in a warm bed and belly full. 

You can’t imagine, You don’t Remember. 

To those who * know *, ‘Thank You For Your Service’ is never enough.


February 15 - May 15, 2012 : Supported by a Crafts Projects - Creation and Development Grant

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