Monday, November 21, 2022

Lower & Longer - Repeated (Iron Smelt #92)

October 29, 2022

The usual Samhain iron smelt was a repeat of the June experiment, again using lower air volumes inside a standard 'Norse Short Shaft' bloomery iron furnace. This all in an attempt to investigate the effects of the levels of air delivery possible from our proposed Viking Age smelting sized bellows. 

In the past, a number of experiments have used variations on the type of twin chamber bellows known from (admittedly limited) historic illustrations. One feature of this type is that it will deliver a pulsing air blast, with variations in both volume and delivered pressure over individual strokes occurring roughly one per second (and between operators). 

For this smelt, air was delivered via the standard electric blower, at a volume determined by measurements made during # 90 (October 2021) - approximately 500 litres per minute. The same furnace as was used in June, with some minor repairs, used the same ore type (DD1), following the same sequence of additions. 

Furnace set up for #92 - at start of wood splint pre-heat

The reason it was decided to repeat the June experiment was that the results of that test were not was expected, with yield at 28 %

The full report : Lower & Longer - Repeated (Iron Smelt #92)

Friday, November 11, 2022

the Flag (10 Lines)

from blogTO / Tanya Mok / Posted on May 09, 2020 (no specific image credit given)

Don’t wrap yourself in the flag…
Claiming that you are only exercising your ‘Freedom’, against a government you simply do not like.
You live in a Democracy, there was an Election, and your choice of candidate clearly lost, if you even bothered to vote at all.
Citizenship carries Responsibility, and the elected Government represents the Majority of the population, and acts for the best interests of ALL it’s People combined.

Don’t wrap yourself in our flag…
When you cheerfully plug any passage down local streets, park on sidewalks and memorials, while blaring horns in residential neighbourhoods all through the night.
Your perceived ‘Right’ to ‘peaceful protest’ does not extend to blocking the ability of local people, who have committed no offense beyond their choice of home location, to get to work, to school, to the food store, or the simple ability to get an uninterrupted night’s sleep.
A Nation is a Community, and this Community is defined in large part by it’s Tolerance and Respect, it’s adherence to the Rule of Law, all of which somehow you don’t think applies to yourself?

Don’t wrap yourself in my flag…
When your associates bring along military assault rifles and body armour to your ‘peaceful protest’, publishing in advance their intention to murder the police.
You must certainly expect to be judged by the company you keep, exactly the same way you bundle up everyone else who does not agree with your (uninformed) ’Opinions’, and subject others to abuse.
You cry ‘Personal Freedom’ as you willfully engage in extreme behaviour, then cry and moan ‘Oppression’ when our police and government utilizes legal measures to contain your self absorbed outbursts when they impact destructively on the rest of us?

That flag stands for many things…
The Land. The People. A shared view of Custom and Culture.
And importantly, those who stood up for those same Rights, that same Country, placing their mortal bodies between you and those who would eradicate your ability to walk those same streets.
To even complain at all.

“We shall not forget: Remembrance Day events” / CityTV - Breakfast Television (no references given)


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