Friday, May 26, 2006

COURSES - update

Just a fast note to those interested in the upcoming courses at the Wareham Forge:

June 3 / 4 - Iron Smelting - CANCELED

As of todays date I have had no requests about this program. As the raw materials for the smelt cost $300, I require at the full four students to go ahead with this course. Unless something radically changes over the next couple of days - this course is CANCELED

June 16 / 17 / 18 - Introduction - ONE remaining

As of todays date, I have a total of THREE paid deposits for this program. This leaves only ONE place remaining. If you are interested, you should e-mail or phone me right away to arrange for a deposit ($100) by either paypal or your credit card.

July 8 / 9 - BLADESMITHING - spaces OPEN

As in past years, I let the exact content of this course date be determined by student interest (as expressed by deposits!). I have had ONE paid deposit / request for the 'BASIC BLADESMITHING' program. As of todays date, this leaves THREE spaces open. Register with your deposit today.

For more information on the courses offered:


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