Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Celtic Winds

What I've been up to # 3

This is part of the series of 'Windbiles' - wind motion pieces - I have been designing. In this case the lines are directly inspired from those found in Celtic Iron Age art. The Windbile series are a reflection of my work inside the Four Elements of the Ancients - Earth and Air, Fire and Water. The entire piece stands about 8 feet tall and is about 4 foot in diameter at the top and 18 inches at the base.

A spray of six 1/4" diameter round rods are joined to a rough carved granite base. These rods are slightly curved outwards, and range from roughly 5 to about 6 1/2 feet tall. They have been left as raw metal with a rust patina. Each is crowned with a vane made from curved aluminum sheet.

The starting piece for each vane was four feet long, and tapers from 6 inches at the top to about 3" at the base. The final roughly 16 inches has been cut back to create four separate fingers. The sheet has then been carefully curved in a distinctive series of terminal spirals and random interlocking reversal curves.

The thickness of the support rods is such that they will flex under the force of wind against the vane. The vanes themselves will also spring, slightly changing the orientation of the curves. The combination creates a continuous motion under even a gentle breeze. (It is suggested that the piece be mounted in a slightly sheltered location.)

Asking price for Celtic Winds is $400.

I will be also be making up some of the single rod and van combinations, on a slightly smaller scale. (Roughly 4 - 5 feet long with 2 x 4 x 24 inch long vanes). These will be intended to just be thrust into the ground as a garden decoration. Expect to find these at the Goderich Celtic Festival, August 11 - 13.

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