Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Early Iron 3 - this Weekend!


Early Iron is the annual symposium that explores the direct physical
process of turning ore into workable iron - using variations on historic
method - held in the NE of the USA.

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Next Weekend - Oct 7 - 8

We have kept Early Iron set on the weekend that combines US Columbus Day
and CDN Thanksgiving to give you all an extra day to travel.

This year the event is located at the Peters Valley Craft School, under
the direction of Dick Sargent. This is located at the top NW corner of
New Jersey, putting the event a bit more central to everyone.

Don't let the tie in to 'Pig Iron Fest' fool you - its going to be
another busy weekend of HANDS ON iron smelting! As with the very
successful schedule used last year, participants will be grouped in to
small teams and each will prepare materials and construct a smelter the
first day - then undertake a full smelt the second. Last year EVERY TEAM
successfully produced a workable iron bloom to share between them!

Participants will work under the supervision of :
Mike McCarthy - has been teaching a number of hands on workshops in iron
smelting over the last year, and is sure to have good instructions to
pass along.
Dick Sargent - attended a week long intensive at Rockbridge Bloomery
this year, and has been organizing some of those same workshops with Mike.
Darrell Markewitz - has continued experimenting with Viking Age methods
- and finally got all the historic equipment to produce workable iron.
Skip Williams - will be flying in from Europe the day before he leaves
for EI3 - and is absolutely sure to have fresh insights to share.
Lee Sauder - has been experimenting with clay construction methods -
and well, its just the great resource he always is.


To only * 30 * for the full workshop participants.

If you have never smelted before, this is an ideal chance to learn from
those have a combined experience of well over 150 experimental iron smelts.

If you have smelted a couple of times, this is the perfect chance to get
some of those problems sorted out in an active workshop.

If you are in a related field of study - we'd love your input! Come
along and see how the theory applies to direct practical methods. Even
if you don't want to get right in there and smelt yourself, there are
single day 'observer' passes available.

Hope to see you there!

(for the 'Gangue aux Fer')

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