Sunday, January 28, 2007

Knives from the Viking Age

Sorry to my regular readers for the gap since the last post. I had received several requests over the last two weeks for information (hopefully leading to orders) on knives in the Viking Age. This made me decide to put together another essay on the subject. This in addition to two earlier postings here that deal with some of the more practical aspects of this topic:

Wednesday, August 30, 2006
On Viking Age KNIVES

Friday, August 18, 2006
Considering a Knife

I set about putting together a more specific overview based on artifact finds from the period. The more I checked my reference works, the more I came to realize that there may not be a single overview that exists that looks at this subject. This started me compiling data from all the sources available to me, and one thing lead to another...

This is now appearing to be a major project, perhaps of some durable value. I have prepared a first stage article 'Knives from Coppergate' which focuses on the large sample (over 200) of knives excavated at York England. The link will take you to the initial report as installed on the Wareham Forge web site.

This article is destined to be included on the revised Version Two of my earlier 'Iron Smelting in the Viking Age' - which is the other main thing I have been working on over the last two weeks. More on that to come.


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Gus said...

I have a question about finishes for historical knives. I really like bright shiny finishes, but what would the historical record say about shiny finishes. Is there a way to speculate on this from the historical record?


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