Thursday, February 01, 2007

RRS - whats that RRS?

Although most of my readers will not see this, I've finally switched over to the 'new' version of Blogger. I was extremely resistant to this, as I have no use for so many of the 'services' provided from these Bill Gates style " My Blog" stet ups. I find them invasive and trivial at the least - and usually totally counter intuitive.
We shall see if this has proved a bad idea ...
For anyone internet / computer savvy enough, I have also turned ON the RRS FEED feature for Hammered out Bits. This is supposed to automatically notify a reader when a new post arrives on the blog. Mind you - you as a reader have to go into your e-mail account settings (likely on preferences) and plug in the URL address for Hammered out Bits.
I only vaguely understand this hoodo, my friend Neil walked me through it on a recent visit. It turns out NONE of the blogs I try to follow (only about a half dozen by friends) are set up to send out the automatic notices.

Anyway - if you can set up for the automatic RRS feed notice widget, it will keep you from having to poke in here to see if a post has been added


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