Saturday, March 17, 2007

Now with ISBN

1) Introduction to Blacksmithing (DVD) = ISBN 978-0-9783284-0-5

2) Historic Bladesmithing (DVD) = ISBN 978-0-9783284-1-2

3) Forging the Viking Age (DVD) = ISBN 978-0-9783284-2-9

4) Experimental Iron Smelting from the Viking Age (CD-ROM)=
ISBN 978-0-9783284-3-6

It turns out it is possible for a Canadian 'self publisher' to register through the Archives of Canada. This gives you a ISBN publisher number. You then can register individual publications for a unique ISBN - which includes DVD / audio CD / CD-ROM

What I also found interesting is that the whole thing was done on-line and was free - the Canadian Government is picking up any costs involved. Against this they ask that two copies of the works registered are sent for their standing collection. This also ensures a durable record of the work.

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