Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Re-Enactor's Design...

Posted by: "Catherine Olanich Raymond"
>> Any one of the folks that smelt or forge recognize this from a grave
>> find or some other reference:
>> ...he looked at
>> Birka grave finds and saw no mention...whereas other sites selling
>> them seem to consider them somewhat authentic.

Sorry - that is a purely modern style. What I have seen made by both black powder and many a pre industrial re-enactor. Very commonly seen in the SCA.

It is extremely loosely based on the ** concept ** of Romano - British table or kitchen knives. The artifacts date to roughly 450, there are several samples in the Royal Ontario Musuem in Toronto.
However, the actual artifact blades are significantly different. They are forged of one piece of metal flat stock. One end is drawn to a point and then the edge is forged out for the blade - which slightly widens the blade portion. There are a couple of different blade profiles evidenced, but long triangle (standard kitchen parring knife) or some variation on clip point are most common. The material that forms the handle may be treated in a couple of different ways, generally thinned out or contoured to fit the hand a bit better. Many have a small loop on the very end to allow them to be hung on a wall peg.

What is seen in the sample is a very nice overall design. Its just not found in the artifact record.

Check: knives

(Start of a potential reference I am working on...)

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