Saturday, February 09, 2008

NEW and Revised!

... As if you could tell!

I have spent a very great deal of January completely re-vamping the entire Wareham Forge web site. (Includes the Norse Encampment and the Experimental Iron Smelting sections.)


For now there are place holders - automatic redirects to the new locations of the information. The majority of the work undertaken was in creating an entirely new file structure for all the component parts of the web site. Over 150 sheets of information, over 750 images - a total of over 1600 individual pieces!

The origins of the Wareham Forge web site go back to the early 1990's. At that time, the standard way to organize a web site was to simply stick all the component files into a single folder. The ancient among you may also remember that in those days each file could have no more than eight characters, a dot and three letter file type (at least if you wanted anything part of the Evil Empire to read it).

The new structure * should * be transparent to most visitors to the site. (And Yes, send me those bug reports, thanks.) Now that I am using Dreamweaver to create the code content, it was much easier to do thing like find damaged links and orphaned files.
Along with the grunt work of rationalizing (?) moving, and checking. I have also added about 50 new images, mainly of work from 2006 and 2007.

The site had gotten so large that even with two site indexes (a flow chart and alphabetical) * I * was having huge problems finding things!

I did flirt with the concept of drastically pruning the site, and weeding out examples of long past work or pieces with poor images. To tell the truth, I consider the web site an important extension of my personality, and would rather potential customers have a better idea of just who they are dealing with - than use slick advertising designs. (This may be the old hippie in me showing through.)

One significant feature to the the revised site content. I have included a rather large video segment. This is a 17 minute long piece that is part of the photo-essay on the 'Riverdale House Railing' project of 2007. As I learn more about creating and editing video content, I hope to add an number of other (shorter!) clips to the site.

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