Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What ever happened to...

F.Braun McCash

Working on the upcoming Grave Goods exhibit, while at the same time having an old friend die on me has me taking a roll call. There are not as many empty files as I had feared, but frankly I feel like the mortar shells are incoming and starting to bracket my position.

Those who remember Braun from that same period of the late seventies and early eighties may have seen him in glimpses on film and TV. His largest body of work is the years of the Highlander TV series, where he worked as the fight master, along with a number of on camera appearances.
So it turns out that he will be showing at 'Indylander', a 'members only' Highlander fan convention coming up in Indianapolis, Indiana over the weekend of October 3 - 5, 2008. Not exactly a local event for us here in Ontario, but it does drag him over to this end of the continent from his home turf in BC.
The 'members only' thing may have something to due with local ordinances? Pre-registration only, limited to 300. Cost is $250 US for the full package (I assume includes the hotel), or $60 US per day admission. No tickets at the door.

For someone who despised even an electric typewriter, he now actually has a computer, e-mail and an honest to god web site: www.fbraunmcash.com
(Of course, in keeping with the Luddite theme, the site is broken as I pen this...)

He recently wrote me:
... Makes you wonder...it's useless old farts like (us) that just keep on going and going - the the Viagra Bunny - thump, thump, thump...
Take heart - there's a reason we're still around. We're here to serve as a good bad example.

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A. said...

He can be the "good bad example".

I'll just continue to serve as the horrible warning.

Recently found a booklet of his filks in a box of papers I was sorting ... "The Nasty Book of Viking Verse".



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