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Lectures - Forward Into the Past

17th Annual Symposium
Saturday April 4
Kitchener, Ontario
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I will be presenting the following sessions:

'Exploring the Viking Age in Denmark'

In spring of 2008, Darrell undertook a two and half week trip to Denmark. The primary reason was to attend the 'Iron Seminar at Thy' - meeting and working with other experimental iron smelters. Much of the rest of the time was spent in museums, especially focused on the Viking Age collections. This illustrated talk will be an overview of what was seen and experienced, both in the museums and while traveling across Denmark.

'Towards an Icelandic Smelt'

This session is a field report on the current experimental archaeology series being undertaken by DARC. Recent excavations by Kevin Smith at the Hals in Iceland have uncovered a Viking Age 'industrial' iron processing site. Using clues from the archaeology, is it possible to re-create the physical iron smelting methods which may have been originally used?

'To build a Tent - Camping in the Viking Age'
(joint session with Meghan Roberts)http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

So there you are, Norse and in need of some overhead cover while traveling. What do you do?
A 'friendly argument' presenting two alternate points of view : the A frame versus the Geteld. We will each make our case historically and practically, plus take a look at the evidence for some alternatives. Includes a discussion of plans, materials and construction tips for would be tent makers.

These are my tentative lecture topics (at this point) stay tuned for details...

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