Monday, April 06, 2009

'Bridges & Doors'

I will be participating (in a small way) in this gallery exhibit of the work of friend Laura Travis, opening TODAY (April 5) at AS220 Project Space in Providence Rhode Island. Laura is a fellow member of An Droichead / the Bridge, and has made space for a number of pieces by other group members Catherine Crowe and Brenda Roy.
(some more exhibit details on Laura's AS220 Project site)

What I am contributing:

'Offering Bowl'
forged bloomery iron

" This piece was forged from an iron bloom created at the 2005 Early Iron Symposium. The bloom was intentionally only loosely compacted to the starting billet. The purpose was to allow fractures to develop, especially along the edges of the form. In this way the genesis of the material would be revealed. "
(more details on this earlier blog posting)

Layer Test Seax
forged bloomery iron

" This knife was forged from a fragment of an iron bloom created at the 2005 Early Iron Symposium. In this case the metal was subjected to a number of simple folds and welds. Before the last fold, the billet was drawn to a bar and lightly twisted. The finished blade shape is inspired by both the classic 'seax' pattern, as well as single piece kitchen knives from Roman Britain.
The finished blade has been lightly etched, as would be done for a layered steel blade. The purpose of this test piece was to determine in the slight variations in carbon content within the starting iron bloom and from the welding process might create any visible patterning on the surface. "
(more details on this earlier blog posting)

'Hanger for my Fall Coat and Hat'
forged mild steel
(no image available)

" A piece created for presentation at Quad State 08, on the theme of 'clothes hangers'. Structural materials (angle) is agressively forged to create a pair of feather like elements that flank the central support. The finish is dark brown with copper highlights. "

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