Tuesday, February 09, 2010

BASSOON - Baba O'Riley

Dig this!

The player here is JEFF BURKE.
I know him (slightly) from when we both were a lot younger and I still lived in Toronto.

Now I had just finished a long (brain numbing) day working on iron smelting details. I stumbled on this via Facebook. The Who's classic version of Baba O'Riley has been one of my all time favourites (since back when it was new !) I remember being mesmerized by the Toronto band FM with well known session player Nash the Slash performing the tune live (with Nash on violin) at concerts while I was at art school.

But Jeff, wow!
If you really pay attention, it is clear that as great as this version is (converted to BASSOON no less) that he is doing this pretty much off the top of his head.



utsi said...

jeff can pretty much be challenged to play anything off the top of his head. he'll usually do it & on the bassoon or his theramin (sp?) he's truly amazing. he's got a webpage somewhere too iirc.

STAG said...

I love Jeff's Bassoon.

Props for a great interpretation.


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