Thursday, July 08, 2010

Mini-Lithic at Wareham

View from the path end - looking to the east

View towards the west

As many know, for many years a select group of close friends gather to 'burn a boat' in late January. This is a custom now many decades old.
Early in the spring, our next door neighbour decided to sell his home, the converted church here in Wareham. In preparation, he pulled out a number of large stones around his yard. He told me I could have these for the effort of hauling them away. The largest was about 1 x 1 x 2.5 feet - about all I could manage even on my heavy two wheeled cart.
I had always wanted some 'ancient stone work' around the property. The pile of roughly oval stones now on hand gave me a chance to build something like the ship profile grave markers I had seen in Denmark (dated to the Viking Age.
The result marks the space where year after year, the small boat is placed to burn. This is a double use, as Vandy's father had died about 18 months back, and some of his ashes had been placed on the boat last January. Not quite the grand Viking Funeral that Murry might have wished, but a fitting marker none the less...

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