Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sing a long on Remembrance Day

To a tune from our youth...

One, little Two, little Three, little Infantry
Four, little Five, little Six, little Infantry
Seven, little Eight, little Nine, little Infantry
Ten little Infantry gone.

Eleven, little Twelve, little Thirteen, little Infantry
Forteen, little Fifteen, little Sixteen, little Drivers
Seventeen, little Eighteen, little Ninteen, little Infantry
Twenty little Infantry lost.

Twenty One, little Twenty Two, little Twenty Three, little Infantry
Twenty Four, little Twenty Five, little Twenty Six, little Infantry
Twenty Seven, little Twenty Eight, little Twenty Nine, little Field Medics
Thirty little Infantry 'repatriated'.

Thirty One, little Thirty Two, little Thirty Three, little Infantry
Thirty Four, little Thirty Five, little Thirty Six, little Chopper Pilots
Thirty Seven, little Thirty Eight, little Thirty Nine, little Infantry
Forty little Infantry bagged.

Forty One, little Forty Two, little Forty Three, little Infantry
Forty Four, little Forty Five, little Forty Six, little Infantry
Forty Seven, little Forty Eight, little Forty Nine, little Special Ops
Fifty little Infantry bought it.

Forty One, little Forty Two, little Forty Three, little Infantry
Forty Four, little Forty Five, little Forty Six, little Translators
Forty Seven, little Forty Eight, little Forty Nine, little Infantry
Fifty little Infantry buried.

(Oh, Don't quit now, We're 'making a difference'!)

Fifty One, little Fifty Two, little Fifty Three, little Infantry
Fifty Four, little Fifty Five, little Fifty Six, little Infantry
Fifty Seven, little Fifty Eight, little Fifty Nine, little Infantry
Sixty little Infantry lost.

Sixty One, little Sixty Two, little Sixty Three, little Infantry
Sixty Four, little Sixty Five, little Sixty Six, little Infantry
Sixty Seven, little Sixty Eight, little Sixty Nine, little Mechanics
Seventy little Infantry gone.

Seventy One, little Seventy Two, little Seventy Three, little Infantry
Seventy Four, little Seventy Five, little Seventy Six, little Radio Operators
Seventy Seven, little Seventy Eight, little Seventy Nine, little Infantry
Eighty little Infantry zapped.

Eighty One, little Eighty Two, little Eighty Three, little Infantry
Eighty Four, little Eighty Five, little Seventy Six, little Infantry
Eighty Seven, little Eighty Eight, little Eighty Nine, little Crew Chiefs
Ninety little Infantry got it.

Ninety One, little Ninety Two, little Ninety Three, little Infantry
Ninety Four, little Ninety Five, little Ninety Six, little Infantry
Ninety Seven, little Ninety Eight, little Ninety Nine, little Supply Clerks
One Hundred little Infantry slaughtered.

(Oh, You can't stop now, We 'Made a Commitment')

One Oh One, little One Oh Two, little One Oh Three, little Infantry
One Oh Four, little One Oh Five, little One Oh Six, little Infantry
One Oh Seven, little One Oh Eight, little One Oh Nine, little Infantry
One Ten little Infantry gone.

One Eleven, little One Twelve, little One Thirteen, little Infantry
One Forteen, little One Fifteen, little One Sixteen, little Door Gunners
One Seventeen, little One Eighteen, little One Ninteen, little Infantry
One Twenty little Infantry lost.

One Twenty One, little One Twenty Two, little One Twenty Three, little Infantry
One Twenty Four, little One Twenty Five, little One Twenty Six, little Forward Observers
One Twenty Seven, little One Twenty Eight, little One Twenty Nine, little Infantry
One Thirty little Infantry shot full of holes.

One Thirty One, little One Thirty Two, little One Thirty Three, little Infantry
One Thirty Four, little One Thirty Five, little One Thirty Six, little Infantry
One Thirty Seven, little One Thirty Eight, little One Thirty Nine, little Sappers
One Forty little Infantry blown to bits.

One Forty One, little One Forty Two, little One Forty Three, little Infantry
One Forty Four, little One Forty Five, little One Forty Six, little Reconstruction Workers
One Forty Seven, little One Forty Eight, little One Forty Nine, little Infantry
One Fifty little Infantry - wasted.

(Oh, We can't quit now, We don't have an 'Exit Strategy')

One Fifty One, little One Fifty Two, ...

Idealistic Young Soldiers all

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