Thursday, February 03, 2011

'Songs of Distant Oceans'

As some of my closer readers know, this time of year I spend (too much?) time huddled inside near the glow of the computer - and the wood stove!

One major undertaking is trying to get 'new' work added to the various gallery sections of the main Wareham Forge web site.

Todays result was the addition of a new section 'Songs of Distant Oceans' - which bundles together my series work : Atlantic Realm / Shades of Ancient Seas / Hallucigenia

Come take a look, these pieces represent the majority of my non commissioned work over the last two years.

The title block is modified from one of my best photographs from my years at Ontario College of Art. Photography was the only subject I took for all four of my years there. The image was shot along the shores of the Canso Causeway, leading from the main land over to Cape Breton, I believe in the late spring / early summer of 1978. The full unmodified image was scanned from my original Cibachrome print.

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