Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Viking Age in TORONTO - this weekend!

Friends, Fans, and those generally interested in the Viking Age in the Toronto area.

I will be mounting a Viking Age camp presentation as part of Parks Canada's 'Celebrations' series on the Toronto Islands on Saturday July 16. The presentation hours are 12 - 6 PM.

I will certainly be on hand a bit later than that, if you decide to come in to also take in the free concerts!
The Parks Canada area is set up on Olympic Island. Those coming any distance are strongly suggested to park at one of the free / cheap lots around the edges of the Subway system, then take the TTC down to the ferry docks (cost of the return boat ride is $6.50).

The presentation for Canada Day in Ottawa

The display is centered on a typical 'camp' set up, tent with bed, camp fire with cooking tools, and a general display of domestic objects. A stress on the situations at Vinland circa 1000 AD (supporting L'Anse aux Meadown NHSC). In addition I will be bringing and demonstrating with the Norse sand table (charcoal) forge.

Forge set up at the Haffenreffer Museum, Bristol Rode Island

Come take a look!
This will be especially of interest to those involved in metalworking. I don't often demonstrate with the Viking Age equipment to the general public.

Hope to see you there...

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