Saturday, December 24, 2011

Peterson House - Front Supports : INSTALLED

- Yesterday, with the kind help of home owner Neil Peterson, I finally installed the forged support pillars that I have been working on for the last two months:

Overview of the two supports as seen from the front sidewalk.

Each support is a bundle of forged pipe, a central load bearing support of 2 inch, surrounded by a group of smaller diameter pieces. There are four of 1 inch, plus four of 3/4 inch, the latter drawn out to long tendrils. The bundles are wrapped by tendrils of 3/8 inch round at four places.

I had made an earlier commentary on the design aspects leading to this project :

Where DO Ideas Come From - Peterson House

Looking North to the hop trellis
Looking South - to the earlier fence extension project.
The view SE - framing the church across the street.
Top of the North Pillar
Close up of the forged pipes with tendril wrap section.
Top of the South Pillar


Steve Muhlberger said...

Looks GREAT!

Karen said...

Darrell - I'm loving these supports more and more! They are so darned sexy, it's crazy.

Karen Peterson


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