Thursday, January 19, 2012

(late) Medieval Images of Blacksmiths

Those interested in historic trades, re-enacting are likely to find this of interest. I got to this via a link from a link posted by someone on Facebook.
From a fast Google search:

Das Hausbuch der Mendelschen Zwolfbruderstiftung zu Nurnberg,1965 German craftsmen from 15c & 16c, two vols 275 pages of plates 150pp G+ (E30-40)

The on line version has searchable terms in English - by Occupation / Tools / Materials

The index is cut up a bit different that you might think. Blacksmithing is broken down into specializations (Bladesmith / Armourer / Smith /...) so some hunting might prove fruitful.

Under 'Blacksmith' There these images which are of interest:

Dated 1425

Dated 1450
Dated 1504
Dated 1595

Disreguard (or not) the obvious link in all with farrier's work.
Do Note:
- the bellows set up and type
- design of the forges
- size and shape of the anvils
- profile of the hammers

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chris said...

No wonder most people think the only thing blacksmiths do is shoe horses!


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