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Metal Stocks & Sizes Guide

Located in Owen Sound Ontario, Krueger Custom Steel may not be convenient for many reading this.
I have been purchasing from Krueger pretty much since they started business in 1994.

What has set them apart in my experience has been the acceptional level of service they have provided.
- They 'talk blacksmith' - understanding the (now old) British Gauge system as one good example
- Extremely reasonable 'local' delivery policy (less than the gas cost!)
- Good stock of standard sizes kept on hand
- Availability of specialized materials on order, usually within a week.
- Ability to provide cost quotes / order specifics via e-mail (so written down!)

At the Wareham Forge, my normal practice is to order in bulk, usually once a year for all my standard sizes. I am thus purchasing the smaller hot rolled, structural and pipe materials in multiple hundreds of feet. It is true that I might be able to get my order a wee bit cheaper at those volume levels from one of the larger industrial suppliers. Once delivery costs are added from major centres, that price advantage disappears.
Most importantly for me, the extremely high level of personal service I have always received from Krueger completely overweighs any slight cost savings.

What will be quite handy to the general member of OABA is a brand new feature available on their web site.
They have placed a complete metal stock guide available as a downloaded PDF. This kind of guide is invaluable for telling you just what sizes and materials are easily available. It includes 'weight per foot', which is handy for figuring out just what that wild idea of yours is going to total up at. (I've been caught by that one a couple of times!)

The Steel Guide PDF is available at :
Just hit the 'View Steel Book Catalogue' button at the top of the page

Krueger Custom Steel
1610 20th Street East
P.O. Box 187
Owen Sound , Ontario
Canada , N4K 5P3

Phone: 519-371-7930
TollFree: 1-888-244-4187
Fax: 519-371-7852

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