Sunday, April 22, 2012

"the people we were - the people we are"

 Check this post by Jim Wright at his Stonekettle Station :

It side swiped me considerably. I thought it was going one way (and broke my heart) and then suddenly shifted gears and hit me from another direction.

We all have those ancient friends. The ones that for some reasons that truly defy any rational explanation have slipped out of contact. The ones who chance (as much as anything) throws you back together with.
And its like the time and distance have never existed.

To them (and you know who you are) I suggest this piece by Jim.
I suspect Jim is most certainly a kindred spirit, and would fill any empty place at our table well and effortlessly.

Over the years of my own life, I have always valued *consistency* far more than *agreement*. Anyone around me most certainly can hold differing opinions. My interest is most often held by those who disagree, especially those who can offer measured and passionate discussion. What I have never had patience for are those who are inconsistent. If I can figure out how you are going to twitch, usually I can work with you. 'Say what you mean and mean what you say' and you and I will be able to come to some accommodation.

Always remember 'what goes down, comes round'.
*Responsibility* is more important than *Rights*.
Make a choice, but do so with clear eyes, head up - and be prepared to pay the butcher's bill when it comes due.

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