Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Michael McCarthy 'back on the web wagon'


Uncanny Gallery at Mohawk Valley Forge  

Regular readers here will recognize the name Mike McCarthy. Mike is basically single handedly responsible for the formal creation of Early Iron in North America. I mean, before he stuck his nose in, there were certainly a number of people seriously working on bloomery iron smelting. But he was bold (crazy?) enough to actually contact a wide group of those involved and interested gather them together for the first 'Pre-Industrial Iron Symposium' at the Farmers Museum, Cooperstown NY in 2004. He would organize the second Early Iron again in 2005.

Mike is one of the very most intelligent people I know. In the classic definition of 'ability to process information and adapt to situations'. He would have been roughly in his mid twenties when I first met him (2003) and I was in awe of his massive raw energy. Up at dawn organizing, smelting all day, round table discussions late at night - and then staying up for hours more reading. Like a sponge. And *remembering* all that stuff.

All things considered, I am truly flattered that he considers me a friend. (Aw, shucks Mike...)

Anyway, the point of all this gushing is to point my readers to Mike's re-emergence onto the web, via his blog. Its not light reading. But thought provoking and concept deep.

Highly recommended.

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