Thursday, August 30, 2012

NO FISHING! in Wareham


This sign board was recently placed by the MoE at the side of the small bridge that runs at the NE corner of my property.
I own the ground (pretty much) down to the creek from that bridge along the bank as it runs downstream to the west. The image shows the east side, where the creek is bounded both sides from the bridge as private property.

Some argument might be made about public access to the water course. I sure DO NOT allow anyone on my property for the purposes of fishing.

I have had it with all this....

From the north bridge, roughly SE.

This is how the once clean creek now looks. 
See the choking algae?
*That* is there because the Mennonite farmer who owns the farm just north of the water course on that east side things the Ontario Waste Management Laws just don't apply to him. He spreads his manure right down to the running edge of the creek. He is new to Wareham, and this *never happened* for the 20 years *before* he started farming that field.

Stream bank, NE foot of the bridge
See this?
These are coffee cups, pop cans, beer bottles - and empty plastic worm boxes. 
Pack out your garbage!
Plus tangles of fishing line. 
Do I even have to drone on about the hazards of tangles of nylon fishing line to birds - possibly my cats?

See this?
My cat brought home THREE of these yesterday.
They all were covered in gravel, so had been lifted up from the river bank and tossed on the roadway some place.
Never heard of 'catch and release'?
These were all freshly caught, a couple of hours would be my guess. No, I had not specifically noticed anyone over there yesterday.

See this?
You do read, right?
You do understand English, right?
You do know what ENDANGERED means, right?

Look at this again.
(Colours fade after a couple of hours dead in bright sunlight.)

Looks like an ENDANGERED Red Sided Dace to me.

You had better not let ME catch you fishing off MY bridge.

You ain't gonna like it, not one fucking bit...

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