Thursday, September 13, 2012

'At least two moving parts'

The theme for this year's QUAD STATE ROUND-UP is :
"Must have at least two moving parts"

 I've been kicking around some concepts, more to play on the description provided - with a heavy lean to the *design* aspects (more than the functional and technical).

 "Poke Your Eye Out" 
This is not quite what I had originally envisioned. I had imagined the knotted ball of metal on the ends to be tighter. In this rendition, I had watched the positive and negative spaces within the curved tangles pretty carefully. None of the individual lines actually touch each other. Not entirely sure how well that works at a distance.

The individual units here are forged from 1/4 round stock. The starting pieces were about five feet long. As completed, each 'ball' consumed about two feet of material, so the completed mobile sweeps out about 3 feet from the central axis. The linking cables are about 4 inches long (so the whole piece is about 20 - 24 inches in depth)

Quad State happens over September 21 - 23, at Troy Ohio. It is a large regional blacksmith's conference, typically some 600 - 800 in attendance. It is well known for the care used to select demonstrators, plus a massive tool sales area. 
My close friend David Robertson will be one of the featured demonstrators this year.

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