Friday, April 26, 2013

Ceramic Tube Tuyere Source

sethhoward said:
In a post about copper tuyers you mention using ceramic kiln supports. The only ones I can find online that have in ID large enough have an OD of 3". Can you send me a link or give me the name of the pottery supply shop where you buy yours?

Ceramic tube tuyere in place - building Econo Norse furnace
These are cylindrical supports intended for porclein kilns. Rated to something like 1150 or 1200 C.
They come in various lengths, I get the 12 inch ones. They are about 3/4 ID (2 cm), maybe about 1 3/4 OD.

I get them as a standard stock item from Pottery Supply House Canada :
They would do mail order off their web site.

m Round Shelf Supports, 1 3/4" Dia. 
(Recommended for cone 10)

Part number FRP12 - 12" $6.50 ea (CDN)

I normally pick up my orders (powdered clay and iron oxides) directly from the Kitchener store. :

S&S Pottery Supplies
Globe Studios 141 Whitney Place #24, Kitchener, Ontario,
Canada N2G 2X8
Tel: 519-743-4252
Monday - Friday  10 am to 5 pm  Eastern time
Saturday - 9 am to 1 pm  Eastern time
Closed Saturdays from Canada Day - Labour Day.

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