Thursday, October 03, 2013

Blacksmith Business Available ?

Iron Art for the Home & Garden

An Established, High End, Working Ironwork Shop is For Sale

            Health issues have forced early retirement and the resulting sale of
Forge Ahead Ornamental Iron in Guelph, ON. This is an excellent opportunity for one or more Smiths to step into a successful shop with an exceptional reputation for quality workmanship and customer service.

There are a couple of options for selling the company and we are open to discussion regarding;

1.  An ‘Under New Owner / Management’ scenario -  involving;

-       the ‘option’ of assuming the Forge Ahead name and website,
-       all equipment and inventory,
-       promotional material / data base,
-       training in quoting, contracts and progress draws,
-       training in equipment use (if required)
-       introduction to current suppliers and,
-       Existing Clientele.

2. Close the doors and sell everything off.

Serious Inquiries only to: Forge Ahead Ornamental Iron

                             Contact: Jim or Lynn Barton

   Phone: 519-829-3994

92 Ferguson St. Guelph, ON Canada N1E 2Y6        Ph: 519-829-3993     Fax: 519-829-3994
                                                        Email:    Website: 

I have seen the operation at Forge Ahead, and at least briefly met Jim and Lynn. 
This is certainly a very unexpected and unfortunate turn for them both - as a couple they were active, focused, and in my observation, both skilled and well organized. 
Their current operational site is fairly large, and would require a good volume of business to support - with the work (and costs) that this implies. The shop is located in a rented facility in the NE corner of Guelph.

This may represent a good opportunity  for an already established and skilled working blacksmith to 'move up' to a larger operation...

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