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EARLY IRON 4 - one page

 Early Iron is a gathering of individuals with a keen interest in the small-scale smelting of iron from ore.

Even after almost two decades of many trials and frequent failures, many puzzles of exactly how historic direct process bloomery furnaces work still remain.Early Iron 4 will once again pull together those who continue to experiment.
Lee Sauder, certainly the most experienced and best known worker with direct process bloomery furnaces in North America, will build and fire an experimental furnace based on the medieval Spanish Catalan type, assisted by 'Early Iron' instigator Mike McCarthy.
Jesus Hernandez, one of the top bladesmiths making and using bloomery iron in the USA, will bring his understanding of the Catalan as well as share his extensive experience with 'bloom to blade'.
Darrell Markewitz will investigate air supply into a Viking Age furnace. Early Iron 4 will not just allow participants to observe, participate and learn. It represents a chance to pull together individuals interested in all aspects of the riddle of Early Iron, face to face - to the enrichment of us all.  
Compacting a freshly extracted bloom 
For more details on workshop packages and schedule visit the Early Iron 4 website.
We are excited to be sharing the Ashokan Campus with the Northeast Blacksmiths Association for their Spring Hammer-In. Learn more about their program at Northeast Blacksmiths Association
Mike McCarthy guides a working team
Lee Sauder adding charcoal at Early Iron 2.

Nami ni Chidori Nagamaki by Jesus Hernandez
Historic illustration of the Catalan furnace
New to iron smelting and blacksmithing or just curious? A special area and time will be reserved for hands-on practice of fire-tending and basic forging skills. Tools, equipment, and coal are provided and available for purchase on site. Student discounts and parent/child scholarships are available. For more information, go to the Early Iron website.

Bloomery iron ring
by Mike McCarthy.

For more information about the Ashokan Center facility and programs  visit:  Ashokan
Future Blacksmithing Events at The Ashokan Center:
  • New England Bladesmith Guild Annual Seminar September 18-20, 2015
  • Northest Blacksmiths Association Fall Hammer-In October 2-4, 2015
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