Saturday, March 05, 2016

Revised 2016 Schedule

Note Error : NO 'Layered Steel' program on August 27 & 28
I have received an Ontario Arts Council 'Project' Grant. 
This funds a one month of work at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop (Lumsden, outside Aberdeen, Scotland), related living costs and required transport. You can see the large block from September through early October for this project.

I have decided to extend this trip to participate in the Ypres 2016 event (Ypres Belgium) the first week of September.

I hope to attend the SCA 50th event in later June (Danville IN). This depends on my ability to mount an iron smelting demonstration / workshop at the event (still under discussion)

Obviously this all effects both the whole early Summer and especially the early Fall schedule.

Those wishing to book courses:
Should especially refer back to the main web site for the revised course dates. This especially applies to those considering Fall programs.
- At this point 'basic / introduction' courses are fully booked to the end of June.
- The normal early Fall / September basic course is cancelled
- The normal mid Fall / October basic course has been shifted to later in that month
 There are still spaces remaining in the 'special / advanced' level programs.

One major effect of the special projects I am undertaking this year is to heavily modify Iron Smelting events here at Wareham.
- The Spring Smelt has been pushed earlier to the Victoria Day long weekend.
- The normal Early Fall Smelt is in effect cancelled. 

Expect commentaries on all these special events as their dates approach...

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