Saturday, April 23, 2016

Maybe NOT so fast - ESP 2016

I have spent most of the last month on either teaching or organization.
The organization part is for a number of upcoming demonstration / research projects:
- Attending the SCA 50th event, which will include a full historic equipment iron smelt.
- DARC at Upper Canada Village as part of their Medieval Faire
- OAC grant trip to the Scottish Sculpture Workshop (September - October)
- Ypres 2016 event (Belgium) early September
- Polish Iron Smelting Symposium, near Warsaw, early September

What I have been attempting to fit in this month is work on the actual object for the Elora Sculpture Project 2016.

Due for installation next weekend...
original design rough

Main frame welded

The raw scale here may end up defeating me.
The main barrel shape you see has has the uprights forged to shape and has been welded up. The missing two side pieces will be held in place with hinges with removable hinges. This to allow for installation (bolts through the bottom plate).
Right now the raw weight is roughly 140 lbs. The barrel shape is about 3 feet at widest and about 4 1/2 feet tall.

To complete just the barrel form, I next need to cut, fit and weld 1 x 1 square x 1/8 wire grind material. This fills the gaps you can see in the form.

Next will be making the upper turbine. This will be made from 20 gauge stainless steel. This should not add a lot of extra weight. My intent is to make this element so that it is removable, to fit down on the central shaft and bolt to place.

Oh yea - there is supposed to be a series of internal mechanisms that move and produce tones. Something like a mechanical wind chime. I have some vague concepts...

Did I mention I'm loosing today to a customer shop visit (previous commission).
And one day filming here for the new 'Hard Can it Be' TV series?

Just in case you are wondering why there has not been much recent material posted here.

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