Sunday, July 03, 2016

Sutton Hoo Burial Re-creation

Seen at the recent 'SCA 50th' event at Danville IN.
LARGE photo mosaic
One of the high points for me was this impressive display by Talymar of the burial chamber found at Sutton Hoo. The original find is most likely the burial of the Saxon king Raedwald, c. 625 AD.

Talymar has embarked on a lengthy and detailed project to re-create the entire burial chamber, along with all of the individual objects that were found within.

A few additional references:
Google Arts - Sutton Hoo
UK National Trust - Sutton Hoo
British Museum - Sutton Hoo & Europe
the Sutton Hoo Society

I hope to have more details to discuss on his project in the near future...

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