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Swords at Ashokan...

Announcing the 2016 Ashokan Sword Seminar!

 Ashokan Sword Seminar: September 16-18, 2016
 The New England Bladesmiths Guild's annual seminar provides an opportunity for both beginners and advanced knife makers to learn from and work with some of the most skilled bladesmiths in the world. This year's seminar will focus specifically on swords. You will learn design concepts, metallurgy, forging and finishing techniques, heat treatment, and using your finished pieces. This is a multi-level workshop for beginners and experienced craftsmen alike, with both forging demonstrations by world renowned craftsmen and hands-on forging opportunities. Equipment, steel, and coal will be provided and available for sale to begin your own home workshop!
Autumn Dagger by Phil Baldwin and Jim Kelso
"Autumn Dagger" by Phil Baldwin and Jim Kelso.
Our demonstrator team for the weekend includes lectures and demonstrations by Peter Johnsson, Ric Furrer, Phil Baldwin, Jim Kelso, Kevin Cashen, and Dan Maragni. Mike Edelson and Tristan Zukowski will be putting their European Longsword combat skills on display, and Tom Walter and Mike Polluck will be demonstrating Kendo and Tamashigiri techniques. Demonstrator bios and examples of their work may be viewed on our website by clicking here. Demonstrator lineup
Sword by Kevin Cashen
Pattern welded sword by Kevin Cashen.
We begin the weekend Friday evening with a delicious meal in Ashokan's new spacious dining hall. Dan Maragni will open the seminar with an introduction and program overview, leading into the evenings lectures and open forge time. Saturday's program will include lectures by world renowned sword expert from Sweden Peter Johnsson, up-close engraving demonstrations on our new wide-screen monitor by Jim Kelso, a blade forging demo by Kevin Cashen, and a chance to see swords in action by the weapon arts teams. The evening program will include low and high-tech heat treatment demonstrations, and the usual display of culinary and beverage delights.Five fully equipped forging stations will be available to work directly with the demonstration team. For more program details, click here.Seminar schedule
Comfortable Lodging and Tasty Meals
Come for the food, and stay for the demo!
View the Ashokan Center Facility and Lodging options here.
For private room pricing and reservation information, please reply to this message, or call Tim at the number below.
Many registration package options are available including: 
  • $30 Sunday Knife show and lunch
  • $100 Saturday Demo only
  • $120 Saturday Demo, lunch, all day beverages.
  • $175 Saturday Demo, 3 meals, and evening program.
  • $310 Demo, 6 meals, 2 nights lodging
Early bird prices shown here are valid thru September 1, 2016
More options and $90 student discounts are available on the Registration Page
Adults attending as a chaperon for a child may register as a student.
Work study discounts are also available at the student rate. Contact Tim for information. 

Payment Options: Pre-registration is required! Please register on-line and chose one of the following options.
  • Credit Card via Paypal
  • Mail check
  • Pay at the door
Checks or cash preferred to save the organization a paypal fee.
Future Blacksmithing Events at The Ashokan Center:
  • Northeast Blacksmiths Association Fall Hammer-In September 30-October 2, 2016
  • Northeast Blacksmiths Association Spring Hammer-In: April 28-30, 2017
New England Bladesmith Guild
Tim Neu "The Registration Guy"
This event has some simply great people as the demonstrators. Alas, I will be in Scotland by that point of my upcoming European Adventure. From Central Ontario, its an easy day's drive down to Ashokan (about two hours north of New York City - so other than traffic around Toronto, the northern route via the Thousand Islands Bridge is all country driving.) Highly Recommended!

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