Monday, December 26, 2016

2017 Schedule - ALREADY!

I have been asked since the Fall for my 2017 course schedule.
At this point I actually have a total of 12 paid deposits against 2017 programs (!)

So here it is - a very (very!) rough draft for how 2017 is shaping up:

At this point consider the outline up to the start of July fairly firm.

Right now DARC is under discussions with Parks Canada about a possible return to L'Anse aux Meadows NHSC. This is likely to bracket 'Parks Day' weekend of July 15 & 16. No real idea at this point about potential team size or demonstration period.
I had been asked if I would be available to come back to the Scottish Crannog Centre for their 24th anniversary event (brackets August 5 & 6). Potentially with a return to the Scottish Sculpture Workshop for Turf to Tools 3.
This makes July and August very tentative.

Early Fall may be modified by the possible ReARC conference, very tentatively the weekend of 21& 22 October.

At this point (December 2016) the intent is most of the course offerings will keep the same fee structure as 2016 rates.

As with past years, keep an eye to the web site descriptions of individual courses for firm dates and availability. Demand is even increased over last year, so you are advised to book (with a deposit) as early as possible!

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