Sunday, July 05, 2020

a Visit to Fiddlehead

Fiddlehead Nursery is a permaculture plant nursery in the Beaver Valley, near Collingwood, Ontario.  We specialize in edible, perennial plants, and design low-maintenance, productive gardens. 

Here at Wareham, we have become friends with Ben up at Fiddlehead Nursery.

click to view the very large 300 degree panorama

His operation sits on County Road 13, which runs (more or less due) north of us down into the bottom of the Beaver Valley, about a 15 - 20 minute drive.

One of our original interests with Fiddlehead was that the plants available there are all very suitable for our own environmental conditions *

Kelly is extremely keen to explore (and create) sustainable, perennial, edible gardens (if only at a small scale). 

interior of the plant greenhouse (after a very busy sales period!)

Ben has offered us a lot of excellent advice about this all over the years we have known him. His garden plants are extremely good quality, and honestly, the prices extremely affordable. In better times, we had taken one of his day long garden workshops, and both learned a great deal as well as quite enjoyed it.

'native plants' section

* Pretty much. Wareham sits on top of the 'Dundalk Plateau'. The altitude at Wareham is about 500 m / at Fiddlehead it about 260 m. (Wareham sits at almost the highest point in all Ontario). Obviously the surrounding valley protects Fiddlehead, where Wareham is almost at the lip of a wide open flat table. We often see walls of cloud and rain running along the south, east and north sides of us at Wareham (without us getting a drop - especially this point in the year).

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