Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Interview - on 'Last to Sea' - ESP

 In an attempt to help promote Elora, through illustrating the Sculpture Project, Wrightman Cable shot a series of short interviews with participating artists.

Well, some of the participating artists.

The edited video was rendered down into something for their own cable channel. 

Only their own cable channel subscribers...

This is the segment that I presented for this :

A couple of notes:

1) Wrightman, when asked, stipulated that the broadcast program NOT be shared on any alternate platform besides their own (very!) limited subscription service.

I have cut off all the content but the specific segment that involves me. Other than the camera work, there is no interviewer or narration other than my own voice. In this I feel I have a perfect right to show * myself *.

2) We were given a potential list of points to express by the Sculpture Project. We were also requested to keep our statement to a length of 4 - 5 minutes. 

As this is certainly not my first time providing a news / promotional video, I carefully kept to these suggestions, especially the time limit. As it later turned out, relatively few of the participating artists showed up for the filming. The 'around town' program Wrightman was producing ran 60 minutes, and in the end they did not have enough interview footage to fill the time. The result of this is a huge variation of on screen time allotted to individual artists. As I was the only one who actually held to the original time frame - my interview segment is the shortest of the entire final program. 

I'll leave it up to the viewer to decide how well I represented myself, this specific work, and the Sculpture Project overall.


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