Monday, February 09, 2009

Bronze Casting in Green Sand

This set of images is of my demonstration at the 'Earth, Air Celtic Festival' in Goderich ON, August 2008.

Bronze Casting
Green Sand:

An overview of the method.

Packing the sand around the pattern
Carefully removing the master pattern
Packed sand with pattern removed
Sand mold ready for pour
Carefully heating the bronze
Quickly pouring the molten bronze
Bronze solidified in the mold
Opening the mold
Images by * *
Taken at the 2008 'Earth, Air, Celtic Festival in Goderich ON.
Cleaning off the carbonized sand
Raw casting beside master pattern

I schedule a weekend program 'Basics of Metal Casting' every July here at the Wareham Forge. This 14 hour program covers two techniques :
Bronze casting in green sand
Pewter casting in Soapstone

(now back to your regularly seen programing...)


Stephens said...

Gorgeous casting, Darrell. Wouldn't mind one of these for myself.

Karen said...

Who took the pictures? I remember Neil and I taking some - did we ever share them with you?


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