Friday, May 29, 2009

LAM 'Furnce Hut' Photographs

I had mentioned that the segments I have been posting related to the current LAM - Iron series are snippets from what is building into a formal paper. To allow me to contribute anything, details like sources and citations are not included at this point.

A comment left by 'Providence':
It would be helpful, though, to know which of the features on the original site plan (i.e. "A", "B", or "C") shown in the earlier posting about working inside the LAM footprint) is represented by the photograph reproduced in this posting and on which you have inscribed the circles for a possible furnace footprint.

The images seen in the earlier two commentaries all all roughly framed on the central hearth inside the structure. The scale changes - imagine you are zooming in on that feature:

Overview of the 'Furnance Hut'
Scale about 5 x 5 metre
Photo from Birgitta Wallace's report
Drawing of the interior
Scale about 3 x 3 metre
by Birgitta Wallace
Central hearth with 'Anvil Stone'
Scale about 1 x 1 metre
Photo from Ann Stine's report

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