Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wharf at York / 1812 - Toronto

I will be participating as one of the artisans demonstrating at the 'Wharf at York' which itself is part of the larger 'Redpath Waterfront Festival' running from June 21 - 25.
 The event is happening down at the Ferry Docks, in a small park just to the west there. My booth station is set to the west end of the presentation space, close to the water.

Wareham Forge sales booth, 'Festival of Nations' event, Chatham - roughly 1990.
 This is not exactly what you will see (!) I am re-building my ancient wood frame booth with the tarp cover into a small workshop, with several heavy benches to mount various tools, plus some shelves to hold some set dressing objects.

Louisburg, Cape Bretton - 1999
 And this is not quite what you will see me doing.
Curiously, for this event I will be demonstrating coppersmithing and tinsmithing.

This is a free event!
Thursday : 10:30 to 8
Friday : 10:30 to 8
Saturday : 11:30 to 8
Sunday : 11:30 to 6

Come out and visit!
My demonstration will include limited hands on activities for people to participate in.

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