Monday, September 16, 2013

Japanese Sword Smithing

We are having Fusataro, a master Japanese sword smith, forge swords in the US & Canada starting Sept. 2013 and this email is to formally announce a few items in regard to his arrival and the variety of events created for people to take advantage of his stay.  

We will have presentations, demonstrations and even courses taught with the use of actual Japanese sword steel, known as Tamahagane.

The Tamahagane Arts website has enabled secure e-commerce, allowing people to purchase tickets to events happening in the US & Canada, featuring Fusataro.  Ticket purchase can be initiated at the bottom on any event page or you can select from the ticket page itself.

We already had a few early bird purchases, so please register your purchase soon as space is very limited.  Please refer back to our website for additional updates and interesting information about the art of Japanese sword smithing.  We are also formalizing a few event surprises and encourage you to reach out to us if you have an idea for an event yourself or wish to schedule an interview with Fusataro for media related purposes.

Also look for our social media links at the bottom of any page on the website to connect with us.

Thank you for your support, we encourage you to circulate and spread the word to ensure Fusataro's stay is a memorable one.

Allen Rozon
Principal Owner

I took the offered chance to meet Fustaro for the charcoal breaking workshop on Friday September 13.

I was impressed with him - his work, his attitude. I suspect he will prove an excellent instructor. His English is not perfect, but he communicates quite well. Allan is a wonderful help as well, and between his own experience and his limited Japanese - I was finding even technical questions well answered.

My understanding from Allan is that the SECOND of the three workshops coming up at Robb Martin's (Thak) still has several places open. (There may even be a chance at a slight discount!)

Something that may not have been clear:
Each student will be working with actual Tamahagane produced metals.
This is the Japanese form of bloomery iron / steel. Back in Japan, I learned that this material sells for some $300 per kilogram!
Each student will be getting roughly a kilo of raw material total, in three different carbon content grades as well. The work is all being done using charcoal as the fuel, which if bought via your local hardware would be a further $2 per kilo expended.
This all suggests the raw material alone for the week long program would run roughly 1/3 of the course fee.

I was also told each workshop session would be limited to only FIVE students.

To my eyes, this all represents a realistic value for such a close quarters hands on workshop.

Jump on it!

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