Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Return (really) to Icelandic Iron Furnace

(no - seriously this time!)

June 20 - Saturday
Organization start : 9 AM
Pre-heat start : 10 AM
Main Sequence start : 11 am
Estimated Extraction : 4 - 5 PM

Furnace is a full dress of the Icelandic / Halls grass sod construction
Ore will be enriched DD1 analog, roughly 25 kg
Air will be electric blower
Start of the build - Fall 2014
See more details from past postings

Icelandic Grass Sod Furnace  

'Working towards an Icelandic Viking Age Smelt'

This will be the sixth experiment in the larger Icelandic pattern furnace sequence.
(Interrupted by Turf to Tools - and ongoing personal disasters)

Open Event - please feel free to come.
There will be grunt work to be undertaken!

Followed up with BYO (pot luck style) BBQ

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