Thursday, September 17, 2015

Forge Blowers for Sale

As part of the ongoing structural repairs and general clean up at the Wareham Forge, I will be selling some of the extras of equipment I have stock piled over the last two decades.

First up - two forge blowers:

One is a 'Champion - No 1/2'
This blower is mounted on a wood base with an attached electric motor.
The unit is excellent working condition (if a bit noisy in operation). The drive motor has a standard electrical plug attached.
Price $100

Second is a 'Champion - 400'
This blower is in very good working condition (don't let the minor surface rust fool you).
It has the original three legged stand.
Price $150

Both have been stored inside at the Wareham Forge since I purchased them.
Either would be ideal for setting up a home forge set up.

Prices quoted are Canadian Dollars.
Payment via major credit card / paypal / cash at Wareham. (contact me)
A deposit will be required to hold either unit for purchase.
Units to be picked up at the Wareham Forge.

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