Thursday, December 10, 2015

Blacksmiths Captured...

The Blacksmiths

A personal photography project about blacksmiths and their craft.

My name is Dan Bannister, and I’m a commercial photographer based in Toronto, Canada. My day to day photography work is mostly advertising and fashion for retail brands but I like to add variety to my photography and exercise my creative muscles by pursuing personal projects alongside my commercial work as much as I can.
... a man named Lloyd Johnston, who has this incredible resume as a blacksmith, including being the person responsible for the historically accurate restoration of the iron gates on Canada’s Parliament Buildings.
This eventually led me to meeting other blacksmiths and photographing a number of them as well as making a mini documentary of Lloyd working in his shop ...
Lloyd Johnston Image by Dan Bannister

Link to  The Blacksmiths

Link to Dan Bannister

Dan started this series a number of years back. My memory is that he had taken some of his first images at CanIRON 8, back in 2011. I vaguely remember having someone taking images of a number of us, especially his focus on 'object in the hand' - which you see expanded on in the published series.
Reguardless of that, I highly recommend that you take a look at 'The Blacksmiths'. These are simply wonderful character captures - many of people I know from here in Ontario.

Great work Dan!

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