Saturday, March 11, 2017

Looking for Course Dates??

2017 Blacksmithing Courses at the Wareham Forge

2017 Course and Event Schedule - March 13
The demand for courses this year has been simply massive.
I'm in close contact with David Robertson - and his bookings are about the same.
At the end of February - I'm booked solid up to the end of NOVEMBER.

As of the date of this posting (March 11) I have only the following spaces remaining:

March 25 & 26 - Zombie Killer - 4 spaces *

October 28 & 29 - Forge Viking Age - 1 space

November 10/11/12 - Introduction to Smithing - 4 spaces

December 9 & 10 - Introduction to Smithing - 2 spaces

* As of this morning, I have a total of three people asking to attend this as a Basic course.

The following programs require previous experience, but have spaces remaining :

April 22 & 23 - Forge Welding (requires Basic) - 2 spaces

November 25 & 26 - Layered Steel (requires ability to Forge Weld + Bladesmithing) - 2 spaces

Those interested in the one week private session - Forge to Blade :

Look at the white spaces. These represent mid week periods which have not already been committed to other projects. What you see is that there is potentially only the last week in August to mid September as available.

Only a deposit secures a placement!

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