Thursday, July 04, 2019

Stone block furnace

Ryan (L) and Avery (R) - 2/3 through main sequence
Perfect 'chocolate covered cherry' image just as bloom is exposed (Image by Travis Sweet)

Initial compaction : (L-R) Ryan / Rey / Kip / Avery / Darrell (Image by Travis Sweet)
June 23
Furnace related to ongoing studies of possible historic Icelandic systems.
Granite blocks with clay cobb sealing.

Result was 7 kg bloom (about 25% yield)

Readers: I have been buried under a combination of research, project preparation, demonstration, academic presentation, newsletter editing - for the last month.
Up until now, there was a requested news blackout on the upcoming Iceland iron smelting project in August. Expect more entries related to all that, soon!

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