Monday, February 17, 2020

CAMELOT Medieval Conference : Call for Papers

Come to Camelot

The Conference on Archaeology, the Medieval and Experiential Learning of Tomorrow
Sunday, September 20, 2020
St Jerome’s University in the University of Waterloo

Call for Presentations, Papers, Workshops, Seminars, Events & Vendors!

This year, CAMELOT invites you to join us for a day devoted to the consideration of “Conflict and Cooperation, Space and Material Culture in the Middle Ages.”

The medieval world operated largely on the reciprocal relationship between conflict and cooperation, between individuals, groups and nations, all of which navigated an ever-changing landscape.  Military, social, environmental, political, and economic conflict were surprisingly often resolved through acts of cooperation.  Space, in architecture, urban planning, and agricultural, as well as imagined spaces (as in mythical places, literary settings and theological contexts), allowed individuals and groups to address these changes.  The result of conflicts often had immediate and important impacts on the material culture of the time.

We invite any interested parties to submit ideas for spoken presentations or demonstrations related to any aspect of medieval conflict, cooperation, space and / or material culture.  Topics for presentation may include, for example:

Ø  Military activities, conflict and cooperation
Ø  Environmental change and conflict
Ø  Political, social and economic issues
Ø  Vendor presentations on material culture including:
o   Blacksmithing
o   Ironwork
o   Heraldry
o   Food
o   Social Customs
o   Clothing
o   Games
o   Entertainment
o   Books and literature
o   Other
Ø  Architecture and building
Ø  Any medieval topic which excites and informs

We invite proposals from undergraduate and graduate students, members of the broader public, enthusiasts, re-enactors, artisans, craftspeople, experimental archaeologists and subject experts.  In short, everyone is welcome and encouraged to submit proposals. The aim of the conference is to educate, entertain and engage with a wide spectrum of interested presenters and topics.

To submit a proposal, please include the speaker’s or vendor’s name or names, title or topic, a brief 150 word abstract and full contact information (including mailing address, phone and email).

Email your proposals in DOC, RTF or PDF format to the conference organizer:

Jamie Zettle at

Deadline for submission:  August 30, 2020

My current plans are to attend the Woodford Furnace Festival (Ireland) and a return to the Scottish Sculpture Workshop for the completion of the Turf to Tools project. This will have me returning to Wareham likely September 18. 

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