Tuesday, March 28, 2006

...but its only the kindling

Well - spent way too much time this morning trying to work the raw code to move stuff around and change the appearance. BTW Karen, you just randomly check to see who is taking part in this stuff?? Anyway, have managed a few changes, generally I'm finding the code more complex than what I normally work with.

I SHOULD be getting outside. I promiced myself to get into the forge today after a week away smelting iron in Viriginia (no report available yet) and completing the ROM paper. That has been posted in the (way too long form) wareham web site - http://www.warehamforge.ca/ROMiron

Its FINALLY above freezing at Wareham. The pond is clear and you can pretty much mush through low snow cover. Bare grass around the pont too. Anti-V reports that the front deck is sheltered enough to permit sitting out with coffee. Like usual Neil and his weather luck holds for this coming weekend. Expecting sweater weather in KW and shrimp on the Barbie.


1 comment:

Karen said...

Nope, no random checks here.

Okay, well,... not today, to find you, that is. Sometimes, though... just for fun.

But then I've been known to browse journal indexes at the library for fun too.

I have more luck with randomness then I do with some citations, you see.

A little Anti-V bird told me you were starting a blog today. That's how I found you.



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