Monday, March 27, 2006

Starting the Fire...

What the hey - it turns out everyone ELSE I know is doing this.


Anyway, Anti-V has been blogging for a month (or something). I have always hung on to any of those long winded e-mails I end up writing almost every other day in responce to information requests - smithing, Viking Age, custom order stuff. I had this grand idea of combining them into articles at some point.

this may work better? Who knows if anyone ever READS these things!

so look - West Wing just came on (thanks very much CLT!)




Karen said...

I'm reading!

Karen :)

vandy said...

Heavens above, she's found and read it before I even manage to tweak the address on my own page! Scary stuff!

Karen said...

Google BlogSearch ... my hero. Though you did give me the keyword search by having the blog title in your links.

Gee, I wonder if he's set up the functions to send him a mail every time someone comments?




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