Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Caught in the web...

So - spring has more or less come to Wareham. (I'm sure Anti-V has more on this).
I spent way too much time last week working the Wareham Forge web site. Besides the new front end to the site, I finally got the EXPERIMENTAL IRON SMELTING information formated with its own index page. Most of this content was actually posted to the site - but as hidden files. Anyone looking for informaiton on iron smelting should take a look.

I also should have a counter now visible. This was done mainly to see if there is actually any traffic here at all. Remember my intent was to be able to post up and archive fast and informal information on an number of random subjects.

We shall see.

Just now waiting for a disk copy to be finished to send off from this weekend's E-bay order. Then hit the bank and try to get my accounts into SOME kind of order. Money is there - but like often, in the wrong spot....


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Karen said...

Well, you do need to tell people that the blog exists if you want traffic. Same with your warehamforge website of course.

I put the url in my .sig in most email messages when I post to a list.

And because I read a lot of blogs as well, I sometimes leave comments and those people check out my blog.

I also mention it's existance on the front page of my web page.

And from what I can tell, I'm still one of the lower traffic blogs. There's only so much advertising I feel like doing.



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